Central European Association for Business Process Management – CEABPM is a non-profit organization which associates experts, researchers, consultants and representatives of the process-based organizations.


The CEABPM mission

Sustainable development of organizations and market systems by maximum utilizing of technology based on ideas of Business process management.


The CEABPM strategy

Adequate standardization of Business process management, so that its ideas become understandable and easily applicable in the organizational development using PECA cycle*.

*PECA cycle comes from CEABPM 1001:2013 which set up the criteria for process-based organizations. PECA has four stages: Be process-based organization using the CEABPM 1001:2013 requirements; achieve the equilibrium by the three mechanism of adaptability: (1) innovative activities of the process stakeholders, (2) process performance management system and (3) optimizing the critical points discovered by process analysis; check the process-based management system accordance to the CEABPM 1001:2013 and act in case the Capo is lower than 90 %.


The CEABPM objectives

To issue the CEABPM 1001:2013 and to carry out the audit of process-based management systems around the world by authorized representatives.




Anti-bribery processes analysis

Cental European Association for Business Process Management is a participant of initiative towards to analysis and modelling of anti-bribery processes according to the ISO 37001:2016.



Standard CEABPM 1003:2011

Cental European Association for Business Process Management decided to cancel the standard CEABM 1003:2011 due to the ISO 19011:2018 which defines requirements for auditors competency.